[TxMt] Re: Ruby on Rails bundle -> 'a' key?

Paul McCann pmccann at gmail.com
Tue Sep 21 23:04:08 UTC 2010

Hi Ayla,

> ...when I am in Ruby on Rails scope, I cannot type lowercase
> 'a'!  Hence, I cannot type :all, or 'class', or any word that contains a
> lowercase 'a'.

[Well, if no one else is offering...]

I can only suggest that somehow a command has been given a "key
equivalent" of "a", which is somewhat bizarre (but I did have a
similarly painful discovery when the latex2 bundle mapped "$" to
"match previous latex ending bracket", meaning that I couldn't type a
simple "$" sign at certain stages of writing a document. Even more
frustrating, the cursor would jump back to the bracket match, so any
subsequent typing appeared in the wrong place).

Anyway... try seeing if there is a command mapped to "a" by opening a
document, choosing command-control-T, and choosing "key equivalent"
from the magnifying glass. Then just type in "a". If you strike gold
then open the bundle editor and change the key equivalent of that

Worth a shot...


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