[TxMt] Re: Change PDF Viewer Preference does not work in LaTeX 2 bundle

enas textmate at alxp.gr
Mon Sep 20 21:19:53 UTC 2010

On 20 Sep 2010, at 21:25, Eric Cheng wrote:

> I changed the viewer to TextMate itself, but after I hit Cmd+R, I still get the output from Skim.app
> After relaunch is the same
> Any ideas?

The LaTeX 2 bundle (which should be seen as a work in progress as I understand it, and not as a nicely polished bundle) does not take into account the preferences (they're just a leftover from the old bundle). A couple of things can be modified by the use of environment variables (not too handy) - see the commands themselves to discover a few of them. But using Skim is hard-coded in the commands and cannot be easily changed as far as I see it (and I wouldn't want to indeed).

My advice: live with it, or revert back to the old bundle.


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