[TxMt] Closing an open file in tab overflow?

Joe Lapp arachnojoe at gmail.com
Thu Sep 16 03:49:59 UTC 2010

How do I close a file that is open but that doesn't have a tab because
too many other files are open with tabs?  These are the files that
appear when you click on the double-arrow to the right of the tabs.  I
keep clicking on the window's close button and closing all my files.

Ideally, when I'm editing a file, its tab would appear at the top of
the window, displacing some other tab, so that I have an X button to
click and a clearer picture of what file I'm editing.  I'm in a habit
of looking at the tab for the name of the file, but it's only
sometimes there. I know it's consistently in the window's title line;
because it's usually in the tab, I'm not making a habit of looking at
the title line.

Thanks for your help!


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