[TxMt] Re: Duke Nukem Foverer has a release date, does Textmate 2?

Piero D\'Ancona pierodancona at gmail.com
Sat Sep 11 18:22:54 UTC 2010

Thomas Bohn <thbohn at ...> writes:

> 2010/9/11 Erik Álvarez Vázquez <edav at ...>:
> > The subject is clear enough, jaja
> Come on, TM2 wasn't even on the top spot of the vaporware list yet.

Guys, you're not helping. It's a quantum thing. You observe it,
you push the release date forward.

Seriously. I think Allan really plans to ship out something,
at some point, and in all evidence the task is not that easy, 
takes longer than originally planned, and generates some
conflict. Like a 'is it really worth it' conflict. My feeling is
that he does not need additional motivation from us, and
I greatly prefer he is happy and happily working on what
he feels important. Good things usually come out from
that state of mind


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