[TxMt] Re: Change caret width

Dru Kepple dru at summitprojects.com
Sat Sep 4 04:12:55 UTC 2010

From:Daniel Geese [daniel.geese at gmx.de]
Sent: Friday, September 03, 2010 6:01 AM
To: textmate at lists.macromates.com
Subject: [TxMt]  Change caret width

Is there a possibility to change the width of the caret so that it would
appear to be a blinking rectangular?


Not that I know of, but you might at least try to turn on the "highlight current line" preference:

go to Preferences
General tab
Check "Visual Ornaments: Highlight current line"

You can then move over to the Fonts & Colors tab and pick a background color for the current line.

Also, the shortcut Command-L is good for centering the current line vertically in your window (if it's possible).  Between those two, I can usually find my current line.

I realize that's only one dimension, and you were hoping for two.  I don't know of anything to help you locate the current column, short of doing something manual, like pressing Shift-RightArrow to make a selection that would stand out.  Not what you were after, but that's the most hope I can offer.

I betcha, if challenged properly, one of the wunderkinds of this list like Hans or Ciarán can whip together a plug-in that does just what you're looking for.  But that task is not for me.


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