[TxMt] bin/mate in svn.textmate.org out of date

Jay Allen jay at jayallen.org
Mon Nov 15 13:46:33 UTC 2010

This may be a stupid question but is there a reason that the version
of Support/bin/mate in svn is much much older than the one shipped
with the app?

 $ svn update /Users/jay/code/textmate/Support/bin/        # My SVN repo
At revision 11963.

 $ /Users/jay/code/textmate/Support/bin/mate -h 2>&1 | head -1
mate r851 (2006-05-03)

 $ /Applications/TextMate.app/Contents/SharedSupport/Support/bin/mate
-h 2>&1 | head -1
mate r1577 (2010-11-12)

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