[TxMt] Change version of perl called by TM?

Justin Catterall 100621.1 at masonsmusic.co.uk
Tue Nov 2 16:40:04 UTC 2010

I've installed a few perl modules at the command line but they are not  
seen in TextMate. What happens is that if I run code (Cmd+r) from  
within TextMate that calls a module that I've installed, TextMate  
can't find it: Can't locate LaTeX/Driver.pm in @INC...

Investigating this I find that TextMate is calling Perl 5.8.8 whereas,  
at the command line, perl -V tells me 5.8.9. So TextMate is calling a  
different perl version to the one the modules are installed under.

How do I change which perl version TextMate uses?

I've had a look in the bundle at the Run Script command and that  
references ENV["TM_PERL"] but I'm not sure where this is set. Can  
anyone help with this?

Justin C, by the sea.

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