[TxMt] Ruby On Rails Stack Trace in TextMate like when starting a Ruby Script?

StuFF mc mc at stuffmc.com
Wed May 19 18:13:00 UTC 2010


I just discovered the coolness of Running a Ruby script from within
Textmate. The unreadable Stack trace suddenly is readable and has
amazingly cool hyperlinks to the exact line. I once saw in a
Railscasts episode a Rails Bundle allowing to have such hyperlinks in
the browser, but I could never keep up with which version and it broke
all my other environment.

Any recommendation / direction for something as cool as the stack
trace of a simple ruby file.

At the same time let me ask you how I could have a "debugger" in ruby
(on or sans rails) or javascript could break into textmate.

Cheers, and hello, since this is is my first post here.

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