[TxMt] regex search and replace without opening dialog

Steven McDonald mcdonald at triumf.ca
Thu May 13 05:11:53 UTC 2010


	I have recently started using textmate, and like it very much, with the exception of the search and replace, which I find rather awkward.

from vi and emacs I am familiar with being able to specify the search and replace strings from a command line like, for example in vi I would 


	which replaces OLD with NEW throughout the entire file. OLD can also be  a regex

In texmate you essentially always have to bring up the find/replace dialog if you want to use regex expression.

for simple find/replace you can use the cmd-E to put the current selection into the search field, but there is no easy way to put a replacement text into the replace field. If the replacement text happens to be some where in the file you can find and  select it and shift-cmd-F into the replace field.

But this is all very long and awkward. Am I missing something or is the a easier way to use the find and replace in textmate, without having to bring up the dialog box all the time. seems a lot of key strokes with shift cmd, option, tabs, returns etc compared to my familiar 


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