[TxMt] Re: FW: Control alt shift B - what did I do??

plastichairdoo plastichairdoo at gmail.com
Fri Jul 30 01:50:57 UTC 2010

dood! you hit ctrl-alt-shift B??!?!


you're totally screwed. 

just kidding. /;-J 
you just switched languages. ctrl-opt-shift 'Letter' is the command to shift languages - depending on which bundles and languages you've installed you may have a few or you may have alot. 

in any case - to revert to JS just use the little 'L' pop-up menu at the bottom of the doc window or use the shortcut ctrl-opt-shift J and select Javascript.


P.S. Interesting - I was going to include a link to the proper section in the online manual but I can't find anything! 
I only did a cursory check, so maybe it's there - but perhaps the docs need a bit added about the basics of switching languages etc. 

On Jul 29, 2010, at 6:12 PM, mstorus wrote:

> I pressed control alt shift B and then clicked on one of the popup items:
> Blog – HTML
> Blog – Markdown
> Blog – Text
> Blog – Textile
> LaTeX Beamer
> Now all of my syntax highlighting is gone.
> I was edting javascript. How do I get textmate back to normal? 
> And more generally, how do I figure out what that keyboard shortcut did without asking the mailing list? (I searched for a long time to no avail).
> Thanks.
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