[TxMt] merging bundles?

plastichairdoo plastichairdoo at gmail.com
Sat Jul 10 19:11:49 UTC 2010

Hello all, 
I'm using TM primarily for Actionscript (love it!) and I was using the built in 'Actionscript' bundle until a few weeks ago when I downloaded and installed the 'Actionscript 3' bundle from the Subversion site. 
now I've got these two bundles both of which have snippets and commands I want to use - but unfortunately I seem to only be able to have one active at a time. I've figured out that this is a 'scope' issue but I don't know how to change the scope on multiple commands/snippets etc at once. obviously going through and changing each one is not the way to do it.
I customized the built in AS bundle with quite a few custom snippets I definitely want to keep, so how do I go about merging the bundles or changing the scope on multiple commands/snips etc?
thanks in advance, 

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