[TxMt] Regular Expression Hijinx

brad tittle brad.tittle at trainnow.net
Thu Jul 8 18:11:05 UTC 2010

I was scrubbing some data today and had textMate lock on me a couple of

I had placed [END OF RECORD] at the end of my line and went to replace the
[END OF RECORD] with \n.

My data was 1 line 60000 characters long. My mistake was failing to either
a: uncheck the "regular expressions" check box or b. escaping the braces or
c. using a delimiter that wasn't accidentally a regular expression.

No, this doesn't require anything to be fixed. The beauty of RegEx is that
it lets you do so much. The ugliness is that it gives you plenty of rope to
hang yourself.

Brad Tittle
Tech Support
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