[TxMt] Switching Git Branches and TextMate

Luis Gomez lgomez at gmail.com
Mon Jan 25 23:55:38 UTC 2010

I doubt this can be done with the current version of TextMate but I want to
put it out there and see what people suggest.

When working on git repositories, I find myself jumping from branch to
branch often. We use branches heavily in my company for everything from
little on-demand bug fixes to entirely new features. Most times switching
branches means closing all tabs and opening tabs relevant to the selected
branch. It also often involves expanding a number of folders in the drawer
but this happens less often as I am a keyboard freak and rarely use the

It would be awesome if switching branches could trigger TM to close the
current tabs and open the ones being worked on the last time this branch was
selected. Even better if cursors were moved to the right positions too.

Now, I realize this is too specific for TM to have natively but it would be
nice nonetheless. I wonder if a plugin could do this? Maybe by using git
branch identifiers as keys to layout specifications that can be saved
elsewhere as plugin data.

Does this sound doable? Can anyone point me in the right direction to
documentation that I can use to maybe give this a shot? I'm happy to work on
a plugin if people are interested in something like this.


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