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Am 09.01.2010 um 16:35 schrieb Lutz Kruschwitz:

> I am used to write scientific papers and books with LaTeX since many years, but I was working with a PC and not a Mac until recently. Hence, my knowledge on textmate is rather small, and there is a problem which I cannot fix without some friends outside in the universe. I will describe my problem step by step:
> (1) My mainfile contains
>  \usepackage{index}
>   \newindex{default}{idx}{ind}{
> Sachverzeichnis}
>   \newindex{name}{adx}{and}{Namensverzeichnis}
> what means that there will be two indices in the book, a regular one (default) and a name index.
> (2) In order to generate the ind- and and-files respectively I used to run
>    makeindex -o mytex.ind mytex.idx
>    makeindex -o mytex.and mytex.adx
> from the terminal. That will be working as well with my Mac, but it is not really comfortable.
> (3) textmate offers a simple button to produce the ind-file. And now there is my problem. I would like to know how to create a textmate-command that produced the needed and-file.
> Thanks for help or any advice in advance.

Not a direct help, but for different indices in one document, did you already look at "splitidx" [1] from Markus Kohm? E.g. there you could easily use Perl script for the creation of the files.

[1] http://www.tex.ac.uk/tex-archive/macros/latex/contrib/splitindex/


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