[TxMt] Re: keep output window in the background

enas textmate at alxp.gr
Wed Aug 11 11:12:10 UTC 2010

On 11 Aug 2010, at 11:26, Allan Odgaard wrote:

> On 3 Aug 2010, at 14:34, enas wrote:
>> [...] Is there any way to specify that I want to keep the HTML output window of some command in the background?
> Presently not, no.

Thanks. Will that be in TM2 so? Nah, just kidding :)

Anyway I've worked around the issue in my particular case by adapting the Typeset & View command to only display the window for Error messages, and keeping the original form of the command for the few times when I want to have the full output, with warnings and under|overfull boxes. That's okay for me at the moment.

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