[TxMt] Re: Theme Frustration

Allan Odgaard mailinglist at textmate.org
Wed Aug 11 09:36:25 UTC 2010

On 13 Jul 2010, at 18:41, plastichairdoo wrote:

> [...] no matter what I try to do I cannot get my modified version to  
> reload.
> I have tried renaming the new BB theme in the Finder, and replacing  
> the name here:
> [...]
> so how can I be finding the original BB theme when the *modified*  
> one is the one in the Themes folder inside TM??

The name of a theme is just a display name, changing that does not  
change the theme’s unique identifier — this is the ‘uuid’ in the  
property list (the .tmTheme file you edited).

If you edit your modified theme to have a new UUID then TextMate will  
see this as a different theme. You can generate such UUID via the  
‘uuidgen’ shell command (Terminal).

> and one more thing I noticed - even after I would delete the theme  
> in my prefs panel and quit TM - when I would look inside the TM.app  
> package afterwards... it was still there!

Deleting default items does not delete them inside TextMate.app for  
three reasons: 1) the user running TextMate may not have write access  
to these files, 2) after updating TextMate the entire TextMate.app is  
replaced so all deleted items would be restored, and 3) other users on  
the same system may not want the items deleted.

So when you delete default items it stores a list of which items that  
should be treated as deleted in ~/Library/Preferences/ 
com.macromates.textmate.plist (accessible via the ‘defaults’ shell  

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