[TxMt] scope for SQL line

John DeSoi desoi at pgedit.com
Wed Aug 11 02:39:26 UTC 2010


I'm interested in some SQL improvements for TextMate. I'm trying to implement a command to execute the selection or SQL line. Not the current textual line, but the SQL line from the beginning of the command to the ending semicolon which may span many textual lines.

I've made some progress with the grammar and understanding scopes. I think I need to create a "SQL Statement" scope, but I don't see how to write the ending regular expression for the semicolon. Is there a way to do this in the grammar that ensures the semicolon found is not in a string or comment?

And TM_SCOPE tells me what scope I'm in, but how to I get the text of the current scope?


John DeSoi, Ph.D.

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