[TxMt] Re: key command for jump to beginning of text, rather than beginning of line?

Keith Solomon ksolomon at gmail.com
Mon Aug 2 22:02:35 UTC 2010

  On 08-02-2010 4:53 PM, Dru Kepple wrote:
> Not that I know of, but I find myself doing this: Command-Left, 
> Option-Right. That sequence does what you're asking for. You can 
> therefore create a macro of those two keystrokes and map it to the key 
> command of your choosing.
That's a handy trick, but it doesn't quite work for me.  When I use 
Option-Right, if there's a tab at the beginning of a line (a common 
occurrence in CSS and HTML), it skips to the end of the first word 
instead of the beginning.  So if the line is:


The caret moves to between the "r" and the colon...is there a way to 
avoid this?


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