[TxMt] Re: Web Preview Enhancements

James Greig 3stripe at gmail.com
Sat Nov 28 08:48:50 UTC 2009

Am I missing something or is there now a way to keep the Web Preview
window permanently open for the last viewed HTML file?

This would be a massive help :)

Could it be achieved via a plugin?




### Feature Requests

1. Have the *web* *preview* always shown, if it has been opened. It should
then display whatever is in the selected tab, if the file meets some
"*web* *preview*able" criteria. If the current tab is showing an html file,
or a php file, or a .asp file, change the *web* *preview* to it, otherwise,
leave it displaying the last file that did match.
This will enable a lot of very useful editing, like changing the CSS
and having the *preview* update automagically, as outlined next.
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