[TxMt] Project Dependent Variables

Jan Jakob Bornheim jjbornheim at gmail.com
Fri Nov 20 00:01:15 UTC 2009

Hello everybody,

Textmate help states:

"9.4 Project Dependent Variables

Sometimes it is useful to have a command customized differently  
depending on the project. For this reason, it is possible to set  
variables for individual projects.

The way to do this is currently a little secret but if you deselect  
everything in the project drawer, then click the info (circled I)  
button, a panel will appear where you can set variables.

These variables are saved in the project file (*.tmproj) and will  
exist only for snippets and (shell) commands executed in the context  
of that project."

The problem I have since upgrading to Snow Leopard and Textmate build  
1509 is that I am suddenly unable to deselect everything in the  
project drawer. At least one file will remain selected and Get Info  
and the info button will only show me the info about that file. Is  
anyone having the same problem? Alternatively, is there any other way  
to set a latex master file project wide rather than doing it for each  
file individually?



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