[TxMt] Re: ActionScript 3 firstLineMatch

Simon Gregory simon at helvector.org
Wed May 27 19:57:16 UTC 2009

> I'd venture a guess that package ... { is the handily the most common
> first line of an AS class; however, why don't we use either method?
> (^package\s?([\w\.]*)\s?{?$)|(\bAS3\b)

Nice idea, I'll add it (and hope it doesn't clash with any other  

> Note:  I get this as a first line if I do new AS3 class from template:
> package .var.folders.NQ.NQfuLuLLE+aVJJfvkTLNwU+++TI.-Tmp- {

This is to be expected if you don't save your document first. The  
command is designed to try and work out what the root src directory  
may be (by convention - ie source, src, lib, test) and if it doesn't  
find one it goes with the full path.

> I imagine I'll have plenty to contribute in the way of bundlie-
> goodness.  I don't personally use a version control system, and I'm
> not wed to any of them.  Is there any sort of utility that will enable
> me to contribute to any of them, so I could fork somebody on github
> and somebody else on bitbucket without having to mess with git and hg?

I can only recommend that you spend some time and learn subversion or  
git. It will be worth it in the long run.


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