[TxMt] Re: Bug: Garbled caret file attribute when line=0, col=0 [build 1948]

Nick Wright contact at wrighteous.com
Wed May 20 10:27:01 UTC 2009

> >> [...] The reason is that extended attributes have an (undocumented)
> >> size limit [...]
> > Ah OK, that makes sense. What is the size limit, out of interest?
> Ehm… the size limit is undocumented :) It’s actually not documented at
> all, that there is such size limit. I think it is related to the
> current implementation, using spare space in the inode for extended
> attributes or similar, so I didn’t do any practical findings, when I
> played with this.

So, a _random_ undocumented limit..? Nice :-) I probably won't be the first
(nor the last), but I forwarded a bug report to Apple via their feedback

Thanks for getting back to me.

-- Nick
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