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baptiste auguie bapt_4510 at yahoo.fr
Sat May 9 19:35:24 UTC 2009

Hi all,

Thanks for the two replies. highlight is a cool program I found here,


I made an attempt to create a TM command for this, and it seems to work without the need for a temp directory,

highlight   -H  --syntax R --inline-css  --fragment  --enclose-pre  --style print  `$TM_SELECTED_TEXT`  | pbcopy

It seems to work, albeit with some warning (seems to be attempting at interpreting the code of TM_SELECTED_TEXT) but since I simply discard the output and use the clipboard it's fine for my purpose.

It's a small world JiHO! --- I'm hoping to use this shortcut to post R code on the new ggplot Wiki (http://ggplot2.wik.is).




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On 2009-May-07  , at 05:21 , baptiste auguie wrote:

> I'm using a command line to create a html snippet with embedded css  
> to post on a Wiki. At the moment I run,
> highlight test.r -H --inline-css  --fragment  --enclose-pre   -- 
> style print | pbcopy
> on the command line. I'd like to create a macro in TM so that I can  
> get the same processing applied to selected text in a document. I've  
> never written any TM macro and I don't know Ruby (or bash for that  
> matter). Would you be kind enough to help me out?

Apparently highlight (is that a command of your creation or something  
else? It would help to know a little more about it) takes a file as  
argument. So the only ways to have it work on a selection are:
1- to modify highlight to accept either a file or some raw text from  
standard input (or only raw text)
2- copy the current selection to a temporary document and feed that to  

If 1, then you can use highlight with no argument and set TM to feed  
it selection or document. If the new version can only be made to  
accept raw text you can still use it independently this way:
    cat doc.r | highlight -H -...

If 2, the command would look like

    # create a temporary document (cleanly)
    # fill it with TM input (selection or doc)
    cat > $tmpDoc
    # feed it to highlight
    highlight $tmpDoc -H -...

Otherwise, depending on the purpose of these snippets, there are  
plenty of online paste boards with syntax highlighting support for R,  
and one is accessible from textmate (Paste selection online). You get  
something like this:
with a link you can embed in other pages (and I guess also in a wiki).  
I am also pretty sure I saw some that could output the html  that is  
displayed (with the colors etc.).

Hop that helps.


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