[TxMt] Re: Options for real time css develpment

Anthony Park | 29degrees tony at 29degrees.co.uk
Tue May 5 14:59:17 UTC 2009

Scott Haneda wrote:
> Any suggestions to get out of the change/save/switch/reload cycle  
> that is going to give me carpal tunnel syndrome soon enough.

One option, which is obviously completely editor-independent, would be  
to set your browser to refresh the page at regular intervals (for  
example, once a second) whilst you're working on it. Firefox has an  
extension [1] which will do this for you, and you could do the same  
with Safari with AppleScript.

I doubt this will be practical for when you're not working locally,  
but in those cases it does work well.

I'd be interested to hear if you come up with any other solutions.


1. http://reloadevery.mozdev.org

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