[TxMt] Possible to use tab triggers within snippets?

Jason Tokoph jason at tokoph.net
Thu Jul 30 22:54:12 UTC 2009

Say I have this snippet:

${1:function}(${2:param1}, ${3:param2})

using tab trigger: pairfun

(so this theoretical snippet writes the code to call a two argument 

So I type "pairfun" and hit tab. type a function name. Hit tab. Now I 
want to fill my first parameter with the output of a snippet. If I want 
to use a tab trigger here, it won't invoke the snippet, but instead tabs 
to the second function parameter in the current snippet.

Is it possible to use another key combination to invoke a second tab 
trigger within a snippet? My current workaround is to finish tabbing 
through and then come back to fill in the parameter.

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