[TxMt] Hard-coding a search string into a Macro

Jon Ippolito jippolito at maine.edu
Mon Jul 20 16:30:38 UTC 2009

I'm confused about how to record a macro using a pre-defined text  
string *without* defaulting to whatever was last in my Find dialogue.

For example, for use after invoking Edit-in-TextMate for an email  
reply, I recorded a trivial macro that searches for

"On dateblah Jane Rodriguez wrote:"

then captures the first name using something like this

^.+? (\w+) \w+ wrote:$

and finally plops this at the top of my reply:

"Hi Jane,"

(What can I say, I'm a lazy correspondent.)

I've tried setting the macro both to local and global clipboards, and  
also editing the macro syntax (with which I'm not terribly familiar)  
to something like this:

<plist version="1.0">

Seems like this should be easy, but I'm stuck--any help appreciated.


PS: thanks to Jay Soffian for solving my JavaScript-as-TextMate script  

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