[TxMt] Re: Toggle Quotes

brad tittle brad.tittle at trainnow.net
Wed Jul 8 20:22:00 UTC 2009

>> This is probably old news to everyone, but the scope of the quote
>> toggle did not include source. [...] I added 'source'  to the scope
>> list and this fixed the "problem". I figure toggling quotes is
>> useful in any source location.

>The command is intended to be used without a selection, as it will
>work on the current scope, which is string.quoted.*.

>By adding ?source? to the scope selector you break it for when there
>is no selection (as it will then receive the entire source as stdin).

That will make my life loads easier. Now it works. I swear I tried that
before. Now that I see SOURCE in the source area of the bundle item.
Everything is clear. The Key
Equivalent won't work if you have the quotes selected though, or
anything selected. It
will work if you have the quote selected and you select the bundle item from
the menu. This is what sent me down the wrong path.

Thank you.

Brad Tittle
Tech Support
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