[TxMt] Re: TextMate 2 feature request - use keyboard to re-order tabs

Allan Odgaard mailinglist at textmate.org
Wed Jul 8 17:04:35 UTC 2009

On 24 Jun 2009, at 21:55, Guoliang Cao wrote:

> I've been trying to be mouse less when doing development with TextMate
> and iTerms. One thing I feel a little inconvenient is when I have
> opened too many tabs, I can not drag files from vertical list to tabs.
> Also, there is no keyboard shortcuts to move current tab to re-order
> tabs. Please add them to your feature requests if you feel they are
> interesting.

It’s an issue which often comes up — presently what I have it do is  
close the least recently used tab when the bar visually overflows  
(sans a bit of shrinking, but not too much, to keep the close buttons  
consistently placed).

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