[TxMt] Re: "All your bundles have been updated"

Mathieu Godart mathieu at coolsand-tech.fr
Wed Jul 8 08:55:23 UTC 2009

Le 8 juil. 09 à 06:22, dave a écrit :

> I keep seeing this message pop up from time to time, looks to be a
> growl notification. Usually at boot, but I've seen it at other random
> times.

I often see the same phenomenon. But what is fun is that, sometimes, I  
see this Growl notification while I'm not connected to the Internet...

> Anyone have any insight as to what this is? I suppose it's nice that
> my bundles are up to date, but I'd rather not have something updating
> my bundles without my OK. Looking around in the standard places for
> launch at boot items, crontabs, etc. I don't see anything that would
> do this.

In the bundle menu, in the submenu called GetBundle, there is an item  
called Remove AutoUpdater. There, you can disable the thing.

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