[TxMt] A bug?

Nigel Green nigel at greenlemur.com
Thu Jan 29 11:14:10 UTC 2009


I am using TextMate 1.5.8 (1497) with the ProjectPlus plug-in, and I  
have spotted a bit of a bug with selecting text in a document.

If I click to select a point in the document and then drag up to the  
top to select all text between the cursor and the start of the  
document, if the cursor goes beyond the top of the TextMate window the  
selection carries on forever, effectively running off the top and back  
up from the bottom of the document so the selection never ends. You  
can see the scroll bar running up and down the document as it does  
this, showing that the document text is being selected in something  
like an infinite loop.

If you drag a selection like this in Mail.app or TextEdit then the  
selection halts at the top of the document text. It does do this with  
TextMate, but only if the cursor is somewhere over the TM window (not  
necessarily the document area itself). As soon as you go off the top  
of the TM window it starts the scrolling round. If you bring the  
cursor back onto the TM window then the selection is in place as you  
would expect.

Any ideas? I've disabled the ProjectPlus plug-in, but this still  
happens without it. I've checked the console and nothing is coming up  
there to give any clues.



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