[TxMt] Re: disable new behavior in contextual menu for snippet selection - possible?

Allan Odgaard mailinglist at textmate.org
Tue Jan 27 16:56:45 UTC 2009

On 9 Jan 2009, at 13:00, Adam Strzelecki wrote:

>> Apple is not going to enforce this, so I’ll revert the change in  
>> next
>> build (out soon — which will then beceome the official 1.5.8).
> Allan, any update on sight that will rollback this fancy behavior. I
> use Subversion a lot and I really miss NORMAL keyboard shortcuts after
> I've upgraded to latest TM version.

You can ⌥-click the “Check Now” in software update, and there is  
a release without the modifiers. It will still be a few days before  
this release gets promoted to cutting and then minor (a few things  
related to bundles need to be sorted out first).

> Also regarding file context menu is there any chance to fix (close)
> this bug: [...]

I am really sorry, but it is extremely unlikely I will do that, given  
that all my efforts are spent trying to get the next big release out  
(which should hopefully address a lot of the open tickets) — also,  
the ticket in question is not a simple bug, a fundamental code and  
design change is required (since it is the text view which runs the  
commands, and commands require input and variables from the text view  
plus have their output/return code affect the text view, i.e. these  
things are tightly coupled, and that is why a text view (open file) is  
required to run commands — I know there are commands that could do w/ 
o it, but as said, fundamental code change required).

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