[TxMt] Re: Display pretty symbols in place of ASCII

Hans-Jörg Bibiko bibiko at eva.mpg.de
Tue Jan 27 08:24:22 UTC 2009

On 27.01.2009, at 00:02, Alex Ross wrote:

> On Jan 26, 2009, at 2:36 PM, Jonathan Middleton wrote:
>> Thanks for the response, Hans. I'm really looking for an automagic
>> method, which displays the unicode on the fly, as opposed to
>> converting the entire file back and forth. Any ideas?
> Use emacs?

You can write your own open file command (template command or drag- 
command) bound to ⌘O or to ⌘⇧O. Use AppleScript's file choose  
dialog, call your converting routine. For saving the same, write a  
tmcommand (maybe bound to a scope) which converts to current doc and  
saves it.


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