[TxMt] Re: How to open in separate windows?

Edoardo Galvagno edo at edog.it
Thu Jan 15 10:22:18 UTC 2009

> I did exactly what you say, but it doesn't work: when I load several
> files from the Finder, they still open in a single window.
> I think your solution was for a specific list of documents, but I'd
> like to have several windows any time I load several files from the
> finder.

Hi Simon,
   you could try the attached Automator workflow.

The workflow just takes the selected files in the finder and tells  
TextMate to open them one by one (just the same way as Hans-Jörg's  

After you've opened the workflow in Automator you could either save it  
as a Finder plug-in (so you will select the files and then right-click  
and select the corresponding menu item) or save it as an application  
and then dragging and dropping the files on it in the finder.

Edoardo Galvagno

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