[TxMt] Re: (NoMethodError) with TODO Bundle

Tony Pelaez tnyplz at gmail.com
Thu Jan 15 04:17:01 UTC 2009

>> The bundle gets errors when trying to find
>> "#{ENV['TM_BUNDLE_SUPPORT']}/template_html_header.rhtml"
> It may be that you have a partial and/or outdated svn checkout.
> I suggest you do http://wiki.macromates.com/Troubleshooting/RevertToDefaultBundles

Thanks Allan.  I tried what you suggested, but I'm still getting the  
same error after I reverted to the default bundles.

I've been using Macports to run ruby 1.8.7 on my mac, when I took  
macports out of my PATH and tried it again it worked! So it seems to  
be an issue with the Macports version of ruby.  Any ideas of how I  
could fix this?

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