[TxMt] LaTeX bundle: index-macro problems

Christoph Eyrich ceyrich at gmx.net
Sun Jan 4 20:21:33 UTC 2009


any ideas why the standard indexing command doesn't work in the two  
situations described below?

(i) given the following text which is to be inserted into the index:

	``functional-typological'' approach

upon marking the phrase and issuing shift-control-i the following  
erroneous output produced:

	functional-typological'' approach\index{functional-typological''  

this is the command behind the scenes:

	command = "echo -n \"\\\\index{s\\$0}{$TM_SELECTED_TEXT} 
	input = none;
	output = insertAsSnippet;

behind which we have:


what's the reason for "``" to be eaten by the command?

(ii) given the following text:

	Proto-Indo-European (PIE) to

"Proto-Indo-European (PIE)" is to be inserted, hence this but not "to"  
gets marked, then shift-control-i. the result is:

	Proto-Indo-European (PIE) to\index{Proto-Indo-European (PIE) to}

that is, wrong position of the index-tag and an erroneously in the tag  
included "to".


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