[TxMt] Saving Regexes

Richard Dyce dd at dyce.com
Fri Jan 2 14:24:51 UTC 2009


The essay question I have is this:

   "It would be great to save regexes from the find & replace dialog.  


I have a number of projects running from the same codebase, and whilst  
there's a basic framework that's mirrored across all of them (via a  
hard linked directory) I'm finding myself wanting to use the same find  
& replace fixes across them all.

I've tried a creating a super-project, which does work, but is  
cumbersome (it's slow, and you have to be careful with mercurial and  
with saving updates to the referenced framework).

What would be really nice would be the ability to save find & replace  
regexes as matching pairs.

As an aside - 10 regexes aren't really enough in the dialog either ;-)  
is there a way of upping them?

Happy new year,


Richard Dyce MA (Cantab.) MBCS MIET

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