[TxMt] forgetting 'soft tabs' settings for .rst files

Matthew Scott gldnspud at gmail.com
Tue Feb 24 22:54:45 UTC 2009

Using the reStructuredText bundle, I keep running into a problem with  
TextMate "forgetting" the soft tabs settings I apply to the .rst file  

When I quit TextMate, start it, open my project's folder, then open  
a .rst file, it knows my preferred tab size, but it defaults to hard  

When I switch it to soft tabs, it remembers it for the duration of the  
TextMate session.  That is, when I close the window for the project,  
then reopen it, it still remembers that I prefer soft tabs for .rst  

I've even closed TextMate, opened com.macromates.textmate.plist file  
with the Property List Editor and made sure that Root/ 
OakTextViewScopedSoftTabs/text.restructuredtext/softTabs was set to  
"Yes", saved it, closed PLE, reopened TextMate, and it still thinks  
that I want hard tabs for .rst files.

It doesn't seem to be doing this for other file types.  Very  
frustrating!  I'd gotten used to the habit of letting TextMate  
remember my soft tab settings; now I seem to be getting into a  
defensive habit of double-checking soft tab settings -- not exactly an  
experience I enjoy having spent money for.  :)

Any suggestions about what I can do to get TextMate to remember soft  
tab settings?


Matthew Scott
gldnspud at gmail.com

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