[TxMt] idea for macro snippets

Timothy Bates timothy.c.bates at gmail.com
Sun Feb 22 13:12:47 UTC 2009

It would be great if textmate's macro's were editable and buildable  
from the history of events: store each event as a list item, allow it  
to be named, copied, added to a library of snippet components, and  
deleted from a macro.

Often we do things we wish to repeat, but not exactly as they were  
done (usually there are inefficiencies (like copying some text to be  
used for replace) which often break the macro as a repeatable  
sequence, but if I could choose "macro... from prior actions", then  
see a list like

1. copy
2. find and replace  (find = <str>, replace = <str>, regex=TRUE)
3. switch documents
4. copy
5. paste
6. copy
7. find and replace (find = <str>, replace = <str>, regex=TRUE)

And then delete all but 2 and 7... bingo: just the events needed

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