[TxMt] Re placing a space with an underscore in Snippet

Ian Alexander Wood ianalexanderwood at gmail.com
Fri Feb 20 13:07:48 UTC 2009


I am a newcomer to the world of Textmate having previously designed websites
with Dreamweaver. I love the snippet functionality and have set about
creating loads of my own snippets for speedy XHTML coding.
I've hit a small snag whilst trying to get a regular expression to reproduce
text in two places in my snippet. The problem I am having is trying to tell
it to replace any spaces with say an underscore _ character.
Forgive me if this is easy to do, I am quite new to Regular Expressions and
I'm still feeling my way!

Here is the offending snippet:

<form action="${1:${TM_FILENAME/(.*?)\..*/$1_submit/}}" method="${2:post}"
	<fieldset id="${6:${3/[[:alpha:]]+|( )/(?3:_:\L$0)/g}}" ${4:class="${5:}"}>
		<legend>${3:enter form name}</legend>
		<button type="submit">submit</button><br/>

So placeholder number 3 is the legend name and also populates the fieldset
ID. I can easily change the ID manually if it contains spaces, but I thought
it would be really cool if it would just replace them automatically with an
underscore instead.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Kind regards,


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