[TxMt] ProjectPlus folders on top bug?

Nigel Green mailinglists at greenlemur.com
Thu Feb 19 11:54:25 UTC 2009

If I set ProjectPlus sort to show folders on top, the order gets messed
up if I add a file to a project folder outside of TM. When I switch back
to TM the project list updates to show the new file, but the folders are
now mixed in alphabetical order, rather than at the top.  I then have to
uncheck "folders on top" and the re-check it to restore the order.

Is this a bug? If I add the file through TM (using the 'add existing
files...' option, this doesn't happen, it's only if I add a file into a
folder that is in the project, and the re-sort happens when TM regains
focus and the project drawer is


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