[TxMt] "Texify" script in LaTeX bundle

Felipe Rech Meneguzzi felipe.rech at gmail.com
Thu Feb 12 13:04:31 UTC 2009

Hello all,

  I've searched the texmate documentation for the latex bunde and then list
archive but did not find any query towards this functionality, so I am
posting my suggestion here.
  I've recently moved to the mac from working in windows and was quickly
convinced by a friend to use textmate both for programming and LaTeX
editing. In the LaTeX department, I have noticed that there is no shortcut
to execute this sequence of commands: latex + bibtex + latex + latex. In the
windows incarnation of LaTeX, mikTeX has an executable that does this, but I
believe this is easily done by a script under MacOS. It would not be
extremely hard to create a script to do this, and smart it up by checking
for the existence of a bbl file and comparing its date with the source files
in a textmate project and decide on the most efficient sequence of commands.
  I would greatly appreciate it if (assuming people liked the idea, of
course) someone with more experience in textmate could add this
functionality, otherwise I may have to learn how the bundles work and try to
do it myself.


Felipe Rech Meneguzzi
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