[TxMt] Leopard Spaces issue

Andrew Green andrew at article7.co.uk
Wed Feb 11 09:46:51 UTC 2009


Is there anything I can do to help deal with the following issue with  
Leopard's Spaces feature?

I like to keep each project I'm working on at any one time in its own  
space, which often means having 3 or 4 TextMate project windows open.   
I have TextMate assigned as belonging to every space.

Sometimes, I need to reorganise this, and it would be convenient to  
open the spaces overview screen and drag one of the TextMate windows  
to a different space.  Unfortunately, doing this causes all the open  
TextMate windows to move to that space.

I'd chalk this down to a general problem with spaces if it weren't  
that Safari doesn't have the same problem.  Again, Safari is assigned  
to every space -- but here I can use the spaces overview screen to  
drag a Safari window from one space to another without causing all  
Safari windows to move to that space.

To make the comparison clearer, I've done a quick quasi-screencast:



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