[TxMt] Re: Alert bell on focus lost and autosave

Paolo Zaccagnini paozac at gmail.com
Mon Feb 9 14:59:37 UTC 2009

Allan Odgaard <mailinglist at ...> writes:

> > On my dual g5 powermac (leopard 10.5.6) I get the alert bell  
> > whenever textmate
> > (r1496) loses focus and the "save file when focus is lost" option is  
> > enabled. I
> > couldn't find any debug info anywhere.
> And by “anywhere” I assume you looked in Console?

Yes, I checked all available logs.

> > It happens even if I create a new file
> > from the command line this way:
> > $ mate foobar.txt
> > The file is written with no problems.
> Did you try relaunch TextMate? And is this a new problem (i.e. it  
> worked in the past where you used the “save on lost focus” feature)?

I relaunched TM many times with no success. I've been working with the 
"save on lost focus" feature for quite a long time, so I immediately noticed 
the weird behaviour. But yesterday, after rebooting the box for a system 
update, things went back to normal, no more bell. 
All's well that ends well...

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