[TxMt] Re: pdfsync: from code to the pdf fails within an included chapter

Marius Hofert m_hofert at web.de
Sun Dec 27 00:27:01 UTC 2009

Okay, I found out that it works fine if all the files included via \input are in a single textmate project. I thought that textmate thinks that all files in the current working directory belong to a project.

On 2009-12-26, at 08:46 , Marius Hofert wrote:

> Dear TextMate users,
> I work with textmate 1.5.8 (1505) and Skim 1.3.3 (51) under Mac OS X 10.6.2 to typeset latex documents. I would like to use pdfsync for jumping "back and forth". I use \usepackage{pdfsync} in the preamble, set Skim to sync with textmate via Skim Preferences => Sync => PDF-TeX Sync support (preset: TextMate; Command: mate; Arguments: -I %line "%file"), and---of course---Skim is chosen as pdfviewer in TextMate. Now I should have shift-command-click for jumping from pdf to the code, and control-option-command-o for the other direction.
> I use a main document main.tex which contains some latex code, as well as other chapters included with \input{chapter01}, \input{chapter02} etc.
> I can easily go from the pdf file to the code, no matter where I am in the pdf. However, going from the code to the pdf does only work within the main document, not from one of the chapters. Although the pdf file is already open, it does not jump anywhere. Is this a known issue?
> I also tried to check the "check for file changes" box in Skim, and used \include commands instead of \input to include the chapters---just played around, but it doesn't help. 
> Cheers,
> marius

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