[TxMt] After update of latexmk, TextMate is still using some old version

Marius Hofert m_hofert at web.de
Sat Dec 26 11:31:17 UTC 2009

Dear TextMate users, 

I work with textmate 1.5.8 (1505) under Mac OS X 10.6.2. I installed the latest version of latexmk (version 4.11) and tested it in the terminal, works like a charm. I then tried to compile a .tex document with latexmk via TextMate. If I click the button "Show Latexmk.pl Messages" I can see which version of latexmk is used. It turns out that some old version is used (version 3.21j of 2 December 2007). After that I changed the variable "TM_LATEX_COMPILER" explicitly from "latexmk.pl" to "/usr/local/texlive/2009/texmf-dist/scripts/latexmk/latexmk.pl" --- still the old version is used. I have no idea where this old version is located and how I can force TextMate to use the new one. The new one is correctly installed, I can use "latexmk foo.tex" from everywhere on my system. 
How can I tell TextMate to use the correct version of latexmk?



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