[TxMt] sort files with non-latin characters

Freek Dijkstra public at macfreek.nl
Fri Aug 21 14:58:31 UTC 2009


I found a small bug. Since this is part of a bundle, the macromates
website asked me to report it here.

Summary: sort does not with euro symbol, and some other non-Latin

Steps to reproduce
1. Open new text file.
2. Add text with a EURO symbol, e.g.
aaa €
bbb ¥
ccc $
ddd £
3. sort the file with F5 (Text > Sorting > Sort lines in document)

I get the error:
sort: string comparison failed: Illegal byte sequence
sort: Set LC_ALL='C' to work around the problem.
sort: The strings compared were `AAA \302\202\254' and `BBB ¥'.

Most non-Latin characters work fine. Just this one fails. If I save the
file and simply run "sort test.txt" all is fine. Both in my shell and in
TextMate, "echo $LC_ALL" return "en_GB.UTF-8".

Typing the following script in TextMate and "run script" works fine:
echo "ccc\naaa€\nbbb" | sort

What would be different for the "Sort lines in document" (which simply
calls "sort") and the above script?

Any clue?
Is this reproducible by others?

Freek Dijkstra

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