[TxMt] latex bundle query

Michael Goldweber mikeyg at cs.xu.edu
Wed Aug 12 16:40:01 UTC 2009

Here is a question with regard to the LaTeX bundle:

I wish to use both pdfLaTeX as well as TtH (a latex to HTML  
converter).  With pdfLaTeX, I have used TextMate as the previewer, but  
have recently discovered Skim and the synctex (along with the  
watching) facility.  Hence in the LaTeX bundle preferences menu I have  
selected Skim.

For TtH, I hacked up an very old version of the LaTeX current file  
script to invoke TtH (attached below).  The trouble is this script  
requires TextMate as the "previewer."

What I don't want is to have to continually switch my preferences back  
and forth since I might both LaTeX a document in addition to TtH'ing  
it for posting on the Web.

In a perfect world, I would like the LaTeX bundle to have native  
support for using TtH.  In the absence of that, could someone suggest  
edit changes to the hacked script I have, or better yet, provide an  
improved version.

Michael Goldweber

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