[TxMt] Help with syntax highlighting

minimal design textmate at minimaldesign.net
Mon Aug 3 12:54:33 UTC 2009

I'd like to make my CSS bundle compatible with {less}

{less} : http://lesscss.org/
mCSS bundle: http://minimaldesign.net/downloads/tools/textmate-css-bundle

For a start, I'd like to add a command to generate the CSS file to a
location specified by an environment variable in TM prefs. Shouldn't
be too hard... But language definition and syntax highlighting is more
than I can handle myself... I looked at the CSS one as a reference and
my regex skills are not up to snuff I guess...

I was wondering if someone on here would like to help with that...
Ideally I'd like to add extra syntax highlighting onto the default CSS
bundle if that's possible, instead of creating a whole new one, since
{less} uses almost exclusively CSS syntax but with the additions of
nested selectors, variables, etc (check out the link above to see all
the features).

Anyway, if anyone's interested, contact me directly (contact info on
my site: http://minimaldesign.net  ). Off course I'll give you credit
for whatever you do.

I also put the CSS bundle on Github if that's any help:


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