[TxMt] Re: (unofficial) TextMate CSS bundle update

minimal design textmate at minimaldesign.net
Sat Sep 27 21:22:32 UTC 2008

>> Just wanted to let you guys know that I updated my CSS bundle with
>> even more tab triggers! ;) Some other additions and fixes too... For
>> more info and screencast, go to my site:
>> http://minimaldesign.net/articles/read/textmate-css-bundle-11
>> btw, I don't mind including my stuff in the official bundle and
>> contributing to official CSS/HTML bundles in general if that's
>> something you'd be interested in. Just let me know.
> I have a new version of the CSS bundle coming out soon.
> It's currently on GitHub. It's mostly just enhancements to the
> language grammar and code completion.
> What I recommend is to make a new bundle with all your stuff for now.
> Maybe "CSS Extras" or "CSS Fast Coding" or something like that.
> Then people can install the new CSS bundle and your new CSS bundle at
> the same time without any interference.
> I haven't looked at the info.plist of your bundle, but if you added
> your snippets to the CSS bundle itself instead of making a new bundle,
> there's no way to install both versions at once.
> Once I get some time we can talk about the official direction of the
> bundles and decide what stuff should be merged in.
> There might be some overlap or something.

The way I've done it so far is to add on to the official bundle  
instead of creating a new one because I haven't found an easy way to  
duplicate a bundle... I looked in the docs a while back but couldn't  
figure it out... I don't overwrite any of the functionality from the  
official bundle though, I want to keep all the functionality from the  
original... but yeah, it forces me to make sure I keep in synch with  
the updates
of the official version.

I don't mind creating a separate bundle, but a "CSS extras" would  
defeat the purpose 'cause you'd lose some of the original  
functionality... Unless it's possible to use 2 bundles "at the same  
time" for a language?

If you can point me in the right direction as to how you'd go about  
duplicating a bundle and changing its name, I could update it in the  
next few days... And my HTML bundle too ;)


- Yann
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