[TxMt] Ref-TeX Citation

Mark Eli Kalderon eli at markelikalderon.com
Fri Oct 31 18:47:37 UTC 2008

Hi, I have just set up TM on a new MacBook and I am having some  
problems with the Ref-TeX citation command. For some reason it cannot  
seem to find my bib file. I keep my bib file in a git repository and  
link it to ~/Library/texmf/bibtex/bib. I thought that the command my  
be having trouble following the soft link, so I set the shell variable  
TM_LATEX_BIB to the source of the link, but I am still getting a  
message that no bib file is found there. :? Any help would be  
appreciated in resolving this. All the ebst, Mark

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